Rope contest

Created: Sunday, 18 March 2018
Rope contest

The most democratic international competitions for cavers

Historical Foreword

Such a new format in running competition while people taking part in an international tournament without leaving their country, their city or even their apartments, was come up with by a group of friends in Ukraine in 2010.

Competition programme includes a contest in speed rope climbing with the help of commonly-accepted speleological techniques. In the United States, such competitions are called "Climbing Contest" while we use a slightly different term "Rope Contest" but it doesn’t make any difference. The main goal of the competition, which we pursued, was a strong desire to unite as many cavers as possible in one common cause and thereby contribute to improving contacts and communication between speleologists of the world. Thus the requirements for competition facilities have been kept to a maximum simplification rather consciously.

This year the tournament will be held for the ninth time and every year the number of its participants increases rapidly. Thus, speleologists from such countries as Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Romania took part in the tournaments in 2017, competing correspondently 469 participants at a distance of 30 meters and 69 at a distance of 120 meters.

So, why participation in a Distance Competition in Rope Contest can be interesting for you?

  • 1.There are neither any age or gender limits nor other restrictions in qualification or physical and technical training for the participants of this tournament.
  • 2.No need to anybody to leave the city or country to participate in an international tournament. The distance of the competition can be equipped wherever you like. For instance, either on the rock or on the tree, on the bridge or in the gym and even in one’s apartment. Examples of the distance rope contests equipment are here:

  • 3.The tournament will be held for 7 days, from the 9th till the 15th of April 2018 and everyone can compete in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening and even at night on any of these days when the time will be the most convenient for the matter.
  • 4.Competitions are held at eleven age categories. You can compare your achievements with those of the representatives of the speleological communities from other clubs, cities and countries.
  • 5.The video of your performance can be seen by your friends and acquaintances or even by the speleologists from other countries. It will be like a snippet of news for them meaning that you are healthy and full of strength and energy.
  • 6.It is nearly the same as Facebook.)) We all can get acquainted and get to know each other better.

Here are five steps to become a participant in the international rope contest

  • 1.Prepare a place for the contest and pay special attention to both the equipment of the route and the observance of security measures during its subsequent passage. Competitions are held at distances of 30 and 120 meters in a "frog" style and it is assumed that the majority of speleologists know how to fit in the place. The key element for the competitor is to climb 30 or 120 meters up along the rope. If consultation is necessary, I am ready to answer you in person. Recommendations in the distance "rope contest" equipment and on running the competitions is here.
  • 2.Do rope climbing at any or both of the competition distances from the 9th till the 15th of April 2018. Write down the time spent at a distance, and shoot a video of your performance. Upload the video on YouTube.
  • 3.The results of the competition, your personal information (name, surname, country, city, age, sex), as well as a link for the video, should be sent by e-mail to[@]

    For the convenience of copying the results to the summary protocol, please send information in the Excel table and place in the same order as it is in the summary protocol. Protocol example in 2017.

  • 4.After the competition is over, review the summary protocol and make sure that all the sent information is correct.
  • 5.After the protocols are approved, which usually takes 1-2 days after the end of the competition, the winners will be determined and ratings will be made for each age group and the overall standings. All the competitors will be able to get certificates confirming participation in the tournament. To do this, the certificate layout will be sent to the given e-mail addresses. The certificate will have to be printed and filled on one’s own dime. There is no prize fund for this competition.