Baydarskij Basin Sources

  • The object of study

    Cave-sources of Baydarskaya Valley (Chernaya, Cyrillovskaya, the Koran-Koba, and Urkusta near Peredovoe Village, Crimea). Brief description: - The caves are located within the western unloading circuit of Ai-Petri Massif. They make up lower-level parts of the Western Ai-Petri hydrological systems.

    Cave Mamut-Chockruck, Southwest Baydarskij basin, is a karst aquifer system hypogene speleogenesis formed by karst water flow from the adjacent aquifer Ai-Petri plateau through artesian basin basin Baydarskaya

    Cave Baydar Chockruck, Biuk-Sinor array , south side Baydarskij basin, is a karst aquifer system epigenome speleogenesis formed in the zone of tectonic fault array Biuk-Sinor

  • Goals and objectives

    a) search and passing of dry upper levels in the Chernaya (Black) Cave, which can lead to further continuations, clearing and strengthening of the new entrance, excavated in 2006

    b) opening and passage of the upper level in the Kirillovskaya Cave, which can lead to a new part of the cave. Expansion of the narrowness for further speleological underwater research is necessary in the old part to the cave

    c) excavation in the Koran-Koba and Urkusta caves near Peredovoe Village

    d) comprehensive research and study of Mamut-Chockruck Cave and Baydar Chokrak Cave

  • Research methods

    General speleological, engineering, biolocation, underwater speleological, geological, hydrogeological, biospeleologcal and others

  • Achieved results

    Traverse had been set up in the Chernaya (Black) Cave. It allows searching of upper levels without wetsuits and more safely. Gallery with siltation and landslip deposits was passed in the Kirillovskaya Cave. Excavation was carried out in the Koran-Koba Cave, narrow passage was expanded and further line of development defined. A new perspective object a cave-source Urkusta was discovered - from fragments of ancient upper levels, below which landslip with strong draft of air was found. The object is located near a major karst source

  • Coordinators:

    Il'ja Turbanov, e-mail: turba13[@]

    Sergey Kebec, e-mail: kebecs[@]