”Honor and memory” project (temporarily suspended)

  • Subjects

    The members of Ukrainian Speleological Association who were assigned a “Honorable member of UkrSA” title, who were awarded by a “For outstanding services” or a “Honorary diploma of UkrSA” diplomas, who were gained special UkrSA titles, and other Association's member categories, speleologists, scientists, activists, etc. by UkrSA presidium decision's.

  • Time and location

    The project is permanent. It takes place in Ukraine and other countries where live ones induced to the Gallery of Honor and Memory.

  • Goals

    Principal goal: creating of the Gallery of Honor and Memory of Ukrainian Speleological Association.

  • Tasks

    Collecting and allocation of information on the official UkrSA website concerning: biografical note, photo and video materials, media publications, narratives, etc. about ones inducted to the the Gallery of Honor and Memory .

  • Participants

    All the UkrSA members, leaders of speleological clubs and associations, speleologists and ones interested from Ukraine and other countries, all who can provide appropriate materials and offers are invited to participate in the project.

  • Funding

    The project is open and is conducted on a voluntary basis.