Kizil-Koba (temporarily suspended)

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Research project

  • The object of study

    Cave system Krasnaya


    Western part of Dolgorukovsky Massif, Ukraine, Crimea.


    Cave system Krasnaya-Golubinaya-Gryphon

    Caves, which are the upper links of the cave system – caves Mar-hosar, Proval, Zemlyanichnaya and other.


    There are four entrances known in the cave system Krasnaya-Golubinaya-Gryphon:

    • Cave Golubinaya, situated on the plateau in the central part of the massif
    • Haranlyh-koba, situated on the western slope of the massif above Tuff area.
    • Iel-koba, situated on the western slope of the massif above Tuff area.
    • Cave Gryphon, situated on the western slope of the massif to the south of Tuff area.

    Near part of the cave equipped for visit. "Kizil-koba" enterprise works since 1989. Staff and managers fully support the study of the cave.

    Visit UkrSA site for the detailed description of the cave.

    Entrances of other caves situated in the western part of Dolgorukovsky Massif.

  • Goals

    Complex study of karst water-bearing system "Kizil-koba" from sources to estuary.

  • Objectives

    General speleological, engineering and technical, dowsing, cave-diving.

  • The main points:

    • Cave Mar-hosar
    • Cave Zemlyanichnaya
    • Sixth landslide hall of Krasnaya cave
    • Universitetskaya branch
    • Estavelle-Gryphon
    • The inflow Kloaka
    • Flooded area between 4 and 5 siphons
    • Gallery over the five-meter waterfall in cave Golubinaya
  • A separate task – annual gathering of speleologists-veterans in project's expeditions
  • Coordinators:

    Shelepin A. tel: +79166476334, e-mail: alex[@]

    Samokhin G. tel: +380505951172, e-mail: samokhin[@]