Cavers Association of Sevastopol

The decision on the establishment of the Association was made at a meeting of cavers Sevastopol April 21 2011.

Can be considered as the basis for uniting clubs "MSO Crystal", "Cascade", and caveteam "Sevastopol-Speleo."

Objectives of the Association:

  • Combining caving and teams of Sevastopol and the Crimea, for recovery and growth speleodvizheniya in Crimea and Ukraine.

  • Popularization caving youth.

  • Competing.

  • Sporting and exploration missions under the auspices of the CAS.

  • Participation in joint expeditions and projects cavers and abroad.

At the heart of the control CAS laid democratic principles of growth and development, contributing to join its membership of other clubs and teams.

Now part of representatives of the eight CAS caving and on the basis of these people created speleoshkola, lectures in which all participants read CAS.


Aleksey Akimov tel: 050 9609110 e-mail: lexus-74[@]

Sevastopol, Menshikova str, 1

Representatives of the groups:


Evgenii Pinchuk, tel: 095 104 02 74, e-mail:[@]


Oleg Peretiatko, tel: 0500240949, e-mail:[@]

MSO "Kristal"

Vladislav Trots, tel: +380506613007, +79166243191, web:, e-mail: mso-kristall[@]

Sevastopol SRК «SК» - Underground Sevastopol

cpk ck

  web:, e-mail: scdig[@]

  Aleksey Samotoy, tel: (050)9408270, e-mail: leshii_c[@]

Sergey Stukov, tel: (066)6781966, e-mail:go-44[@]

Club "Vektor " Malorechka

Yurii Ivachov tel: (099)4122553, e-mail: volts-nika[@]