Donetsk City Speleological Club “Neizvedannie Zemli”

The Donetsk City Speleological Club was established on first weekend of November, 1972 on the base of the Tourist Club of Donetsk National University.

In the 80s it relocated to public school #43. There was organized “Kaskad” - school section of the club.

Up until 90s, Bzyb and Arabika were the main regions of the club’s activity, where several caves were discovered. The largest among them is “Unona”. In addition, the club participated in expeditions to Illuhinskaya and Pantuhina caves.

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Kharkiv City Speleological Club “Variant”

“Variant” is a youth, sport and non-profit organization. The club exists on enthusiasm of its members; all of its property was purchased by members with their hard-earned money.

The club was formed in October of year 1986, by merge of speleo section of Kharkov National University and children’s speleo tourism section at the Palace of Pioneers on the base of school #109. Then, the club transformed into speleo tourist section at KNURE (Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics), but knowing people say, that transformation was partially formal, because the club was in need of premises, and one could not be granted to the organization not related to KNURE. At present, the club is a separate juridical person, owns isolated property. It has stamp, emblem and other requisites.

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Kharkov Regional Charitable Fund for Historical and Cultural Research “Deti Podzemelya”

The fund was established in the year 2005, having research of artificial caves of Kharkov and its region as a goal. Later on, activity was broadened beyond Kharkov and Ukraine. The organization is mostly of spelestological interest. Main line of work is search, exploration and surveying of anthropogenic caves, cultural and educational activity. There are around twenty activists in the organization, plus “natural children of the underground” – sympathizers and helpers.