Donetsk City Speleological Club “Neizvedannie Zemli”

The Donetsk City Speleological Club was established on first weekend of November, 1972 on the base of the Tourist Club of Donetsk National University.

In the 80s it relocated to public school #43. There was organized “Kaskad” - school section of the club.

Up until 90s, Bzyb and Arabika were the main regions of the club’s activity, where several caves were discovered. The largest among them is “Unona”. In addition, the club participated in expeditions to Illuhinskaya and Pantuhina caves.

From the year 1991, Zagedan became main region. The club participated in discovery of largest caves in this region: Rostovskaya, Gorlo Barloga. From the year 2011, the club does not have permanent premises.

Contacts: Constantine Borisovich Zemsky, tel: 050-60-40-341, e-mail: zyama.zemskyy[@]