Kyiv Speleological Club

Many active by this day members of the Kiev Speleological Club (KSC) began their speleo activity in variety of Kiev speleological groups in the 60s and 70s. There were a lot of groups, but they were always united by the interest of speleology. Together we explored Atlantida Cave, together worked in Middle Asia and together began work on Arabika. All these groups considered themselves as part of the Kiev Section of Speleology, which leads its history from now far year 1965.

The Kiev Speleological Club in its current form begins its history in the year 1985, when most of Kiev speleologists decided to get separated from tourism system.p>

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Kiev City Speleological Section of Tourist Club “Arsenal”

From early 70s speleological section of tourist club “Arsenal” was working in contact with speleological section of the Kiev City Tourist Club. Vladislav Vasiliev, Alexandr Savitsky, Viktor Nochiovny, Anatoliy Litvin, Vladimir Morzhevskiy, Nikolai Cherubrov, Sergei Musiyachenko, Albert Smus and other members of the section were working on cave exploration during different years. “Arsenal” speleologists participated in the exploration and discovery of Western Ukrainian, Crimean, Caucasian, and Middle-eastern caves. In recent years, work of speleo section “Arsenal” is mainly concentrated on the “Mushkarova Yama” project.

Contacts: Sergii Trofimovych Musiyachenko, tel: 0992284508, e-mail: sergmus[@]

Kyiv City Speleological Club “Karst”

Kyiv City Speleological Club “Karst”

The speleological club “Karst” was established in the year 1986 on the base of club “Poisk” and within its premises. Vladimir Didenko was the initiator and club’s first president. The club was active in Western Ukraine: search of new caves, work in Mlinki and Ozernaya caves; as well as in Crimea: Krasnaya Cave, Krimskaya Cave on Karabi, caves of Chatir-Dag and Karadag Forest; in the Middle-east: caves of Kugitanga; in Western Caucasia on Arabika Plateau: Genrihova Bezdna Cave (C-120), Ahtiarskaya Cave, teamwork together with Moscow speleologists in Illuhina Cave.

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Speleological Club “Svoi Put”

The speleological club “Svoi Put” was organized in the year 2001 on the base of equipment center “Voshozhdenie”. At present, the club operates in two cities: Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk. Speleological training in Kiev is being held by Liliya Kioseva. Speleo school is being conducted (first and second year students).


Head of the club: Liliya Sergeevna Kioseva, tel: 0977857937


Kiev SС «Zemliane»


Speleological Club "Zemliane" appeared on April 21, 2004, after several tourist caving trips that piqued interest of a more serious research. Until 2010, gatherings were held in the “Komanda Exs” equipping center, now in the "Romantic" tourist club, Vishnevoe City.

At various times, the club worked in the Mlynky Cave, Crimea (Chatyrdag), Zakarpattia. “Zemliane” regularly participates in WURUHS (Western Ukrainian Regional Union of Horizontal Speleology) projects (Optimisticheskaya Cave, Ukrainskaya – Zolushka Cave). In cooperation with Ternopil Speleological Club "Podolie", we systematically organize expeditions to Ozernaya Cave (research, climatic measurements, the "water in the caves" project). Kiev Diggers (ACIS) often take part in those expeditions.

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