Kiev City Speleological Section of Tourist Club “Arsenal”

From early 70s speleological section of tourist club “Arsenal” was working in contact with speleological section of the Kiev City Tourist Club. Vladislav Vasiliev, Alexandr Savitsky, Viktor Nochiovny, Anatoliy Litvin, Vladimir Morzhevskiy, Nikolai Cherubrov, Sergei Musiyachenko, Albert Smus and other members of the section were working on cave exploration during different years. “Arsenal” speleologists participated in the exploration and discovery of Western Ukrainian, Crimean, Caucasian, and Middle-eastern caves. In recent years, work of speleo section “Arsenal” is mainly concentrated on the “Mushkarova Yama” project.

Contacts: Sergii Trofimovych Musiyachenko, tel: 0992284508, e-mail: sergmus[@]