Kiev SС «Zemliane»


Speleological Club "Zemliane" appeared on April 21, 2004, after several tourist caving trips that piqued interest of a more serious research. Until 2010, gatherings were held in the “Komanda Exs” equipping center, now in the "Romantic" tourist club, Vishnevoe City.

At various times, the club worked in the Mlynky Cave, Crimea (Chatyrdag), Zakarpattia. “Zemliane” regularly participates in WURUHS (Western Ukrainian Regional Union of Horizontal Speleology) projects (Optimisticheskaya Cave, Ukrainskaya – Zolushka Cave). In cooperation with Ternopil Speleological Club "Podolie", we systematically organize expeditions to Ozernaya Cave (research, climatic measurements, the "water in the caves" project). Kiev Diggers (ACIS) often take part in those expeditions.


Volodya Udovichenko, tel:0672235443

Sergei Malkin, tel:0667519991

email: zemljane[@]