Kyiv Speleological Club

Many active by this day members of the Kiev Speleological Club (KSC) began their speleo activity in variety of Kiev speleological groups in the 60s and 70s. There were a lot of groups, but they were always united by the interest of speleology. Together we explored Atlantida Cave, together worked in Middle Asia and together began work on Arabika. All these groups considered themselves as part of the Kiev Section of Speleology, which leads its history from now far year 1965.

The Kiev Speleological Club in its current form begins its history in the year 1985, when most of Kiev speleologists decided to get separated from tourism system.p>

Klimchuk A.B. was chosen as a president of the club. For the first several years, the KSC existed at the Nature Conservancy Society. During those years the KSC actively worked on Arabika, collaborated with Karst and Speleological Department of Geology Institute, established international relationships, participated in creation of the Ukrainian Speleological Society. Children’s speleo group was working at the club and it raised several generations of speleologists.

Currently, Vladimir Nasedkin is the president of the club.

Annually, the club holds speleo schools, works in the caves of Arabika, Western Podoliya and Crimea. In recent years, underwater speleologists became more active. They take part in the underwater speleological researches on Arabika, several times participated in expeditions to Mchishta, organize underwater speleo expeditions to Crimean caves.

Main achievements of Kiev speleologists:

  • Year 1966 – Ugryn Cave (Podoliya) – passed Myasorubka and Prokatniy Stan, opened main part of the cave
  • Year 1969 – discovered Atlantida Cave (Podoliya)
  • Year 1972 – discovered Kiev Cave on Kyrktau Plataue in Middle Asia and passed it to the 1 kilometer depth in the year 1976.
  • Years 1973-74, 82 – explored and surveyed Fata Morgana Cave (Gaurdagskaya) in Turkmenistan.
  • Year 1980 – started large-scale work on Arabika Plataue (Caucasia). After establishment of the UkrSA in the year 1992, Kievans continue their cave exploration work in the UkrSA expeditions.
  • Year 1992 – discovered Slavka Cave (Podoliya).

Moreover, the KSC members took active part in international research projects of the UkrSA (particularly, work in Kuzgun Cave, Turkey).


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Yuriy Kasyan, tel: 0503309533

Nataliya Yablokova, tel: 0501668243

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