Public Organization Odessa Speleological Club “Poisk”

“Poisk” was established as a research expedition to Odessa catacombs in September of year 1965. It specializes on spelestology, studying of artificial underground caverns, excavations, hydro technical, cult, economic, and fortification places. Unique cadastre of Ukrainian artificial underground caverns had been created by its members.

South-Ukrainian center of inventory and documentation of caves works on the base of “Poisk”. Expeditions to Ukrainian, Moldavian, Transnistrian, Russian, and Turkish caves are being actively organized. Partly instrumental method of topographical surveying that allows operative build of plan had been developed by “Poisk” members. A number of local, regional and international conferences were organized. Several dozens of articles, reports, scientific, and popular science publications had been written. Besides research work, “Poisk” takes active part in the public and cultural life of the city. Competitions, various musical festivals, parties, and charity activities are being held. Partnership is being established with a number of public, research and private organizations.


Chairman of the Board: Nataliia Podrutska, tel: +38-050-9602356, +38-067-1838718, e-mail: natashko[@]

Vice: Igor Grek, tel: +38-067-4840456, e-mail: grekigor[@]