Public Organization Odessa Local Speleological Club “Moria”

Speleological team under the name of “Moria” was formed in the year 1991. Later on, speleological club “Moria” was established on the base of this team. Current name of the club was registered on August 31st, 2007.

The club is actively searching for new caves and continuations in the known ones of the Crimean and Caucasian regions, participates in the activities of UkrSA and other clubs (MIСK, expeditions of Lvov Speleological Club to  Optimisticheskaya cave, Ukrainskaya-Zolushka Project). Together with Perm speleologists, members of the club discovered Moria Cave. Also, the club had founded speleological school which provides regular trainings, lectures and trips for beginners.


Chairman: Denis Polischuk, tel: 0677097573

Secretary: Svetlana Glushko, tel: 0677097573