Chernivtsi Regional Speleoclub "Troglodyte"

Until the early 70's of the XX century, Chernivtsi region was still a cave "wilderness" against neighboring Podolia, which experienced a boom insistence cave. It is significant that the total length of all (!) caves on the right bank of the Dniester (Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi regions, Moldavian SSR) with Carpathian region at that time were estimated at only 1.4 kilometers. and

Troglodyte’s era began in 1973, when in the tourists club of Chernivtsi Regional Council on Tourism and Excursions was officially established speleosection (the Head Vitaliy Korzhik), and was organized the first training speleoschool. This is start of rapid development of speleology and education in its structure of specialists of high-level skills. They begin a planned systematic survey and study of speleokarst phenomena, "underground" Bukovyna opening.

It is already known, and to varying degrees of completeness investigated more than 170 natural caves on the world ("Zoloushka” - @Cinderella"), the state ("Bukovynka", "Pioneer", "Balamutivs’ka", "Skets’ka") and local meaning, which brought our region in a number of promising speleoregions not only in Europe but throughout the World.

Chernivtsi speleoclub was a continuation of a speleosection in qualitatively higher level developments. Because of caving specificity did not fit into the narrow confines of sport caving, which naturally led to the need for a radically new organizational structure - a specialized club. Therefore, in March 1975, cavers, despite all the obstacles from the leadership of regional Council for Tourism and Excursions, announced the creation of speleoclub "Troglodyte" (from the ancient Greek - "Cave dweller").

For many years, "Troglodyte" - one of the few in those days really independent, specialized clubs in the country - the constant attention gave not to officially dominant speleotourism, but to harmonious integration of the basic directions of modern speleology – technically-sporting, scientific, research and applied conservation.

As a form of self-organization of the public during the Soviet period speleoclub long time functioned as illegitimate, i.e. legally unrecognized non-government organization, although de facto recognized as such it, and sometimes played a full participant in the legal relationship, had its letterhead and logo - a bat in flight.

In 1987, a month after the solution by the Government of the Soviet Union about the possibility of a non-state organizations and agencies, "Troglodyte," the second of the speleoclubs of the country (after over operating Sverdlovsk) legalized the status of a legal entity as a public organization (decision of Lenin district Council in Chernivtsi of 11 March 1987 № 80/4), and began to carry out the activities of economic contracts. In 2009, club is the third time full re-register the regional public speleological organization.

Throughout this time the club headed:

  • Vitaliy P. Korzhyk, 1949 born. Founder and first Chairman of speleosection (1973 - 1975) and club (1975 – 1990). During the cadenza – the graduate student of physical-geography faculty of Chernivtsi University; inspector of Chernivtsi State Regional Water Protection organization, the senior expert of Chernivtsi Regional State Committee of Environment Protection.
  • Bogdan T. Ridush, 1961 born. Speleoclub Chairman in 1991 - 2000. During the cadenza - geological engineer of Chernivtsi branch of UkrGIINTIZ.
  • Pavlo P. Kuprich, 1965 born. Speleoclub President in 2001 – 2005. During the cadenza - private entrepreneur.
  • Mykola K. Kovbasnyuk, 1957 born. Speleoclub President in 2006-2008. During the cadenza - private entrepreneur.

Since March 2009 Pavlo Kuprich re-elected as Speleoclub President.

Speleoclub "Troglodyte", guided the wise rule that clever calf two moms tits sucks, in the regional Council on Tourism and Excursions was known as speleosection and in the early 80s - as a Commission for speleotourism and control group of Rescue Service of Regional Tourism Federation. This allowed each year "beat out" funds for training and search and reconnaissance expeditions. Training speleoschools realized in 1975, 1976, 1978, 1980, 1982, 1984, 1985, 1986, and in recent years this important and useful tradition is revived.

Training, and more - search and research cruises were realized in the cave regions of Bukovyna, Podillia, the Ukrainian Carpathians, Crimea, Moldova, the Caucasus and Transcaucasia, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and the Urals. In the last decades our cavers in the different groups and expeditions explored caves in Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Turkey, Albania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Spain, Egypt, Morocco, Cuba. A members of speleoclub repeatedly were winners of all-Union (1979), national competitions on speleo-orientation and speleo-topographical shooting.

Scientific activity has always been a strong point of the club. Interesting and varied quality cave polygon of Bukovyna provided many temptations to look for clues and its secrets, and it stimulated organic need for scientific research. Were intrigued the non-enterlness of Bukovynian karst and speleological facts in the official canon of karstology theories, which gave additional inspiration for the implementation of ambitious thoughts. The discovery of the unique in all respects "Zoloushka" cave with its parameters and characteristics that go beyond the traditional understanding of speleogenesis and possibilities of human existence, has stimulated the need to explore the vagaries of the princess of the underworld at least for our own safety. Finally, in the USSR and Ukraine were no specialized research institutions that would deal exclusively cave problems. Thus, the ecological niche in the scientific space has been provided to us by natural monopoly.

It should be noted that all (!) research of our cavers were realized solely on the basis of the own initiative, which then were formalized to the extent possible in the plans and programs of scientific, research institutions, government agencies and organizations. Speleoclub directly or indirectly gave way to a long life to four doctors and ten Ph.doctors of sciences. In fact, "Troglodyte" served as an informal research institute on a voluntary basis. How beautiful someone said, Speleology is a civil conscience of official science.

Chernivtsi’s experts have made a significant contribution to the development of the leading directions of speleology and karstjljgy, especially geochemistry, hydrogeology, engineering geology, climatology in its underground version, speleo-medicine, ecology, speleo-protection, anthropogenic karst; founded a new direction – speleo-resourselogy. According to studies published dozens of monographs and more than 500 articles in scientific journals. Consequently, without undue modesty, it can be argued on the formation of Chernivtsi School of speleology and karstology. This school was built and has grown on a solid foundation of participation and cooperation of all members of the club, each of whom contributed their mite to the common cause of enhancing the prestige of Bukovyna speleology as a science, often without even pretending to what or laurels or recognition.

Environment protection activity is the third most important direction of the club. Environmental speleology develops through both theoretical justification speleo-protection events, and in the practical application of the securities commandments of caves and karst formations, control their condition. An official guarantee of speleo-protection regime - environmental agencies, local authorities are not able to function effectively, so, as evidenced by a long-standing practice, except cavers this problem no one near. In 1978, on the basis of speleoclub was organized section on protection of subsurface geological and natural sites of the Regional branch of the Ukrainian Society for Nature Conservation (USNC) (chairman - V.Korzhyk). Section was the most militant and active among all the others, as indeed was based and relies on a real viable asset concerned.

With the submission of speleoclub, the Law of Ukraine "On the natural reserve fund of Ukraine", article 3, scientifically grounded and established a new classification category of objects of natural reserve fund - karst-speleological, that allows to isolate and emphasize the specificity of these natural phenomena. Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 03.06.1995, № 239, Supplement 11, approved the "Fee for calculating the extent of the damage caused to the territories and objects of natural reserve fund due to damage to karst and speleological, geological and hydrological facilities". At the local level, again with the filing of cavers, the Regional Council and the Regional State Administration adopted four resolutions on protection of caving-karst sites and areas. For the first time in Ukraine the decision of XVIII session of Chernivtsi Regional Council IV convocation № 166-18/04 dated 30 December 2004 "On introduction of speleo-karst monitoring in the Chernivtsi region" is legalized control of these valuable objects.

Decision of the Board of Regional Environmental Protection Administration (REPA) in Chernivtsi region № 4 dated March 9, 2011 is authorized the "Regulations on Public curatorness of speleological organizations over natural speleo-karst-objects (caves)" and the next order of the REPA № 50 dated June 15, 2011 trustee the caving-karst sites and areas in the Chernivtsi region is assigned the speleoclub "Troglodyte". Consequently, all speleo researches sn the territory of Bukovyna must be co-ordinated with the "Troglodyte".

Before the appearance of cavers under the legal State protection there were only three natural objects associated with dungeons. Thanks efforts of speleoclub and for his submission in the Chernivtsi region created 62 natural monuments and wildlife refuges of national and local significance, where are under the protection many caves and karst formations valuable. Thus, speleological "contribution" of "Troglodyte" in nature-reserve fund of the edge was 19% in the number of objects and 6.2% of the area.

Speleostology studies (studies of artificial underground cavities) is realize since 1982, when due speleoclub proposal Chernivtsi City Council created a сonstantly works commission to study the underground galleries. In 2011 its activities were revived by Chernivtsi City Council in new faces and persons.

Nearer to the date of the 40th anniversary of Chernivtsi speleology, "Troglodyte" on its own experience proved and proves to all that interested and "fixated" on caves public organization sometimes can do more, faster and more efficiently than government agencies, tightly regulated and bound in their capabilities and personnel. And so-called notorious cave thinking - is a lot of other civilized, non-cavers.


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