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Compiled and prepared for publication by

N.Yablokova and A.Klimchuk



In the 80s the attempts have been made to create a National Association of Speleologists of the Soviet Union. But for the long time the creation of the speleologists’ own organization was hampered by bureaucratic routine. Dissolution of the Soviet Union put an end to these attempts. However, that experience of definition of organizational principles, ideology and structure of the speleological organization didn’t remain useless.


It was the end of the year 1991. New states appear on the ruins of the Soviet Union. It becomes clear that the former Soviet speleology will remain in history as a tradition, heritage, personal and club ties, but never will be framed organizationally. It also becomes clear that in the new state Ukraine a speleological organization should be created as soon as possible, in order to save speleological movement from chaos and confusion of the transition and crisis time, to give people support and information in their favorite pursuit. These intentions coincided with the nascent Ukrainian bureaucracy for a fixed formation of national organizations in the various areas of social activity. In the autumn Alexander Kozlov learns about such activities of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine from Ministers and other high-ranked officials who occasionally got to him at Mramornaya Cave. He gets in touch with Alexander Klimchuk, who had already prepared draft documents, the ideology and structure of the future organization. In a few days, A.Kozlov and A.Klimchuk were received at Minister V. Borzov and got a "green light" to the official registration of the National Organization of Speleologists of Ukraine with the help of the Ministry of Youth and Sports. The rest was a matter of technique, though not easy. It was also necessary to organize around this idea leaders of regional spleleological associations, to coordinate with them a lot of "political and strategic" issues, to settle all the papers and organizational questions with the “intermediate level” of cabinet officials, etc. It couldn’t happen without problems with the ministerial apparatus, which at a certain phase blocked the creation of the organization due to differences in perception of what it should be like and how it should work. Therefore, another meeting with Minister was required together with his intervention into order of things to clear the "blockages" in creation of the UkrSA.