Laureates of Diploma "For Outstanding Achievements"

For the purpose of encouragement of active speleological activity and acknowledgement of different achievements and merits in exploring, study, protection of caves and development of speleology, the Ukrainian Speleological Association institutes the system of honorable titles and awards.

Honorable titles and awards of the UkrSA

"Diploma for Outstanding Achievements" - for the outstanding services to speleology and to the UkrSA.  Not more than 3 persons are awarded yearly, those who are the full members of the UkrSA without interruption for at least 3 years.

Awarding is conducted according to the proposal of any member of Presidium, or according to the proposal of special committee, created by Presidium for the purpose of the candidates selection. Proposals on the awarding can be advanced by any member of the UkrSA or by primary organization, and directed to the Presidium or to the special committee.

Ukrainian Speleological Association conducts and yearly publishes Gallery of Honor, where are recorded all the persons and organizations, which received UkrSA awards.


Valerii Rogozhnikov, Kiyv

Nellie Ostjanova, Lviv

Natalia Yablokova, Kiyv


Iuzef Zimels, Ternopil


Oleksandr Kozlov, Simferopol

Iurii Кasian, Poltava


Tamara Krapivnikova, Kiyv

Nellie Ostjanova, Lviv


Bogdan Ridush, Chernivtsi

Kostjantyn Tsurikov, Moscow


Ternopil speleoclub "Podillja"

Kiyv Speleoclub


Iulia Timoshevska, Полтава


Mykola Solovjov, Kiyv

Oleg Klimchuk, Kiyv

M.Sokhatskii, Borschiv


G. Samokhin, Simferopol - for the deepest dive in Krubera-Voronija cave at a depth of 2158m

E.Medvedieva, G.Medvedieva(Kiyv), A. Zdanowicz (Uzhgorod) – for winning the world championship in speleotehnike, Sevilya, Spain


A.Shelepin, Moscow - for the study of the Sniezhnaja cave

M.Solovjov, Kiyv – for long-term study of caves Arabica


Iuzef Zimels, Ternopil – for outstanding achievements in the identification and promotion of the history of speleology

G. Samokhin, Simferopol – for caving underwater research in Krasnaya cave


Ternopil CC «Podillja» - the 50th anniversary of the club and with gratitude for the success of the Congress


Kornis Jorge Miguel, Saki, Crimea



The international team of cave explorers expedition to the Krubera-Voronija cave 2012

Iurii Kasian for organizing the expedition to the Krubera-Voronija cave, 2012, setting a new world record

Gennady Samokhin for the deepest dive in Krubera-Voronija cave at a depth of 2196m


Chernivtsi caving club "Troglodyte" - for an active 40 -year-old speleological and research activities in caves in Ukraine and abroad

Vitaly Korzhik - for successful long-term studies of caves, endless optimism and speleological longevity

Alexander Kozlov - for outstanding contribution to the development and protection of the caves caving, and the 60th years anniversary

Igor Greek - for long-term work in the field of artificial underground cavities and development of speleology movement in Ukraine

Lviv speleological club "Cyclops" - for an active 50 -year-old speleological activities


Andreychuk Vyacheslav Mykolayovich for significiant contribution into speleological growth and scientific research activities in Ukraine and world caves


Akimov Oleksiy Anatoliyevych for significant contribution to the study of caves sources

Snigur Volodymyr Anatoliyevych for long-term speleological activity in the caves in Western Ukraine

Odessa SC “Poisk” for long-term speleological activity and in honor of the 50th anniversary

Rogozhnikov Valerij Yanovich in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Kiev Speleology


Klimchuk Oleksandr for the long-term research activities in the caves of the world


Savchin Miron Petrovich for the significant contribution to the development of speleology in Ukraine