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11-й Євроспелеофорум у Бельгії, 15-17 вересня 2017

Добавлено: 29 июн 2017, 12:10
To all national caving organisations, delegates and cavers - À toutes les organisations spéléologiques nationales, délégués et spéléos
English version (version Française ci-dessous)
Please broadcast this message to the clubs and cavers in your country
11th EuroSpeleo Forum (Caving Days) – 15-17 September 2017 – Ferrières, Belgium
The Belgian and Dutch caving organisations have the pleasure to invite you to the 11th EuroSpeleo Forum from 15 th to 17 th September 2017. The EuroSpeleo Forum will be held during the so called Caving Days that are organised by the Belgian and Dutch cavers every two years. The EuroSpeleo Forum is supported by the European Speleological Federation FSE. The event will take place at the Collège SaintRoch (ASBL Bernardfagne) in Ferrières in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes.
Registration for the EuroSpeleo Forum is now open. The registration form in English can be found at:
https://www.speleovvs.be/vvsforms/index ... tion/en-GB
All information on the EuroSpeleo Forum in english and french can be found in the first circular at:
http://www.eurospeleo.eu/images/stories ... 0EN-FR.pdf
Or at the website at: https://www.speleovvs.be/index.php/en/caving-days
We welcome you all in september in Belgium.