General Conditions

The Ukrainian Speleological Association is an all-Ukrainian public organization of Ukrainian cavers. The Association carries out its activities in close collaboration with other public speleological and research organizations.

The Association was created in 1992 and was registered by the Ministry of Youth and Sports in the status of the National Organization of the Ukrainian Speleologists. In 2004 was completed re-registration of the UkrSA as the all-Ukrainian public organization by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

Since 1992 UkrSA is a member of UIS - International Union of Speleology. Since 2012 is a member of ESF- European Speleological Federation.

The central objective of the Association is every possible assistance and development of public speleological activity on the places, achieved both by clubs and sections, and by individual members, and also assistance to the development of speleological researches and to the conservation of cave resources.